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18.4.04 17:39:02
Hi,guys !

VK3002(DB) 2 versions and VK3002(MAN)-PANTHER V1,V2 and PANTHER Ausf.D1.

History this machine after tests,fotos ???

Danke !

P.S.Sorry,i don´t speek germanys and bad english.

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19.4.04 08:50:55
Gepostet von brano

Hi,guys !

Hi Brano!

VK3002(DB) ... PANTHER Ausf.D1. History this machine after tests,fotos ??? ... P.S.Sorry,i don´t speek germanys and bad english.

Since your English is better than your German try this:

1) http://www.achtungpanzer.com/profiles.htm

2) http://www.wwiitech.net/main/germany/vehicles/pzkpfw5/#Panther%20F

3) Or simply use the Gooogle searchmachine. Enter for example VK3002(DB). You'll get loads of information in English, Russian, Hungarian, Polish, Japanes ... yep ... even German!

http://www.google.de (or .com, whatever)

Enjoy yourself!


20.4.04 05:15:15
Thanks Popski,but....this web page and photographs-pictures is current-old. I search a not current presentation photographs and informations on the program VK3002. I search _"Rarität(s)" ???_ photo-informations.

VK3002(DB) -real prototype(s) photo,no picture-no scheme-no model. All versions ( 2 version chassis ).
Panther V1 picture-photo.
Panther Ausf.D1 - photo and informations this type after tests 1943/44/45 (existing photo D1 from Normandy-Panzer Lehr 1944 ???),school troops ???,Kummersdorf ???.....etc.

Google,Altavista,Yahoo etc...ehm...ehm...I´am not "net-greenhorn". :-)

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20.4.04 14:24:24
Well, I guess you won't find very much in that case. The only picture I'm aware of is this wooden model. But then I'm not aware of the real source of this model (if it's an official model by Daimler Benz. No idea. Sorry!)

The picture is from this webiste:


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